Hull Creek is not your typical drafting service. We're a building information service.


Site Analysis

Site Evaluation and Planning

Digital Architectural Survey 

Space Planning 

Model Construction 

Building Measurement 


Code Compliance/Review

Detailed Cost Estimating 

Accessibility Compliance 

Historic Preservation 

Construction Drawings


Construction Procurement 

Design and Construction Contract Administration 

Construction Management

Demolition Planning Services 

Architectural Interior Design 

On-Site Project Representation

Record Drawings

Strategic Facility Planning 

Sustainable Building Design

Zoning Process Assistance 


When it comes to our services, everything begins with a 3D model of your building, office or house. This model, however, is more than geometry and textures cast over for visualization with no thought about constructability.

Our true BIM model consists of the virtual equivalents of the actual building parts and pieces used in the construction of a building. These elements have all the characteristics - both physical and logical - of their real counterparts. These intelligent objects allow me to simulate the building and understand its behavior in a computer environment long before construction starts. 

BIM applications imitate the real building process. Instead of creating drawings from 2D line-work, buildings are virtually constructed from real construction elements such as walls, windows, slabs, beams, joists and roofs, etc. All of those elements store data and all of that data is stored in the central virtual building model.

I create a digital survey of your real and proposed real estate improvements. Walls, columns, roof and floor systems, beams, finishes, fixtures, furniture, appliances...not simply lines in a plan, but presented in a three-dimensional, digital database to help analyze site conditions, shadow casting, material selection, whether you'll need an architect, an engineer or a miracle worker. 

Hull Creek Building Services provides powerful, data-driven schedules and rendered visualizations; providing solutions before you have a problem.