Having a professional life of over twenty years in the Treasure Valley, I can drive east from Payette to Micron, or north from Murphy to New Meadows and see hundreds of houses, apartments, businesses...entire communities that I helped build for people that call Southwest Idaho home. While such undertakings require the work of far more than one company can provide, we have forged valuable friendships with designers, contractors, engineers and architects.

As an experienced building contractor, I have the tools necessary to make value added decisions that create real cost savings; not only during construction but throughout the life of your real estate investment. With that knowledge once difficult decisions concerning your most valuable asset become clear, allowing me to accurately allocate or trade costs, reduce costly changes in the field and provide you with realistic expectations of the finished product.


Hull Creek is a little mountain stream in Idaho near the Montana border at the southern end of the Bitterroot Mountains, north of Salmon between North Fork and Gibbonsville. A fairly insignificant creek and yet, it is the center of one of the most incredible and arguably one of the most beautiful wilderness areas in the Rocky Mountains. My family ventured west as pioneers and their children settled this area. They were witness to thousands migrating to California and the Yukon, claiming that Americans in pursuit of gold would step right over heaven looking for hell. 

I am home here. I love everything about Idaho. From a fairly insignificant creek to a fairly insignificant home office on a fairly insignificant farm, I am proud to provide services that are so significant to your life and work.

I'd love to hear what you have planned....even if it's in Montana. 

Hull Creek, Idaho

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